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Here are some comments from just a few of our Drum Skin customers most notably Persian Tombak, Djembe, Doumbek and Darabuka. We believe in the power of client testimonials/reviews. They are of paramount importance in creating trust with prospective customers.


Potential customers care more about what other customers have to say over anything else. That's why we publish our customers feedbacks/reviews, so that reading the following lines help you to feel safe before making a purchase and to get a grip on, where and what you are going to buy.

 Customer Feedback about Persian Tombak Goat Skin

Goat Skin for Sale - Tombak Skin for Sale
Salaam Pooyan,

I write this short note to let you know I’ve just received the skins. They are very cleanly and evenly prepared, and they arrived in good condition. Thank you for your preparations with them. They look promising.

I shall let you know how they are after I’ve had a chance to work with them a bit.

Thank you,


Benjamin, USA

Monday, February 16, 2015 Customer Feedback about Persian Tombak Goat Skin (in German language)


Hallo Pooyan,

heute sind die Felle gut angekommen.
Die Qualität ist super. Wie von Dir angekündigt sind sie wirklich sehr dünn – mal schauen,
was ich daraus mache ;-)

Gibt es auch DICKERE Kamelpergamente bei Dir ???

Schönen Tag noch

Thomas, Austria

Monday, January 19, 2015