Santoori is happy to have the Saeed Peymani as one of

his reference Setar and Kamancheh makers is the official website of Santoori Musical Instruments. Pooyan Nassehpoor a santoor soloist, music archivist and a certified musical instrument maker leads Santoori since June 2006 and in April of 2008 he dedicated Santoori to Santoori Musical Instruments in believe of establishing the most professional online shop and retailer of Iranian musical instruments and equipment.

After three years of hard working Santoori is very graceful to present master Saeed Peymani as one of his legendary collaborators regarding to the instruments like Persian Setar, Persian Kamanche and Gharibaneh.



Pooyan Nassehpoor, the director of Santoori and Persian Santoor player

Pooyan Nassehpoor


Pooyan Nassehpoor attended Ostad Bayaz Amir-Atayi's instrument making course in 1991, who is anyway the most famous contemporary Kamanche maker.

In order to study more about tonal beauty of master Setars Pooyan got acquainted with Saeed Peymani and his Setar instruments in 1998. 

Tonal beauty and many acoustic properties are often assigned to specific wood character, which depends largely on wood grains, their age and it's masterful carving out.

In search of finding a Setar which combines the 3 important criteria like perfect grains of bowl strips, the masterful carving out of the strips and Setar's top (face) and the age of Tonewood, which leads to excellent sounding instruments, Pooyan discovered Saeed Peymani's perfectionist side of his Setar making skills.

Peymani is widely known as one of the most reliable contemporary Setar makers beside famous Setar makers like Ramin Jazayeri.

Saeed Peymani Reference Persian Kamancheh Maker

Saeed Peymani initiated to make Persian musical instruments in 1984 after he studied Persian Goblet drum under the supervision of the late Ostad Nasser Farhangfar.

Since that time he experienced to make some of Persian musical instruments like Tar, and Setar etc....

He also makes another instruments like Tanbour and Gharibaneh too. 

The fantastic selection of strips from very old mulberry wood  with fine and intensive grains is the essential element of Peymani instruments.

With a very simple observation you can detect the natural dark color of the old-aged mulberry  wood strips. Peymani doesn't use even though any wood stain but the color of bowl strips are naturally darken.

Through combining these precious tone woods and his masterful setar making skills Peymani instruments get in a very short time a smooth and warm sound, which you can expect only from old-aged instruments.

The Peymani instruments have been played by many great masters like Dariush Talai, Hossein Alizadeh etc.

As mentioned above Peymani is
widely known as a
reference Setar maker, but only in favor of Santoori he makes Persian Kamanche exactly as unrepeatable he makes his Setars.