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Daf Rings


Kurdish daf drum rings for sale

Kurdish Daf rings for Sale (Halgheye Daf for sale)
Iranian Daf rings for Sale (Halgheye Daf for sale)
Material: brass
Our Set price: 1 € (meets $1.5)
Each pack contains 4 rings

Buy one pack Daf drum rings   Buy one pack daf drum rings

Santoori provides skin for all drum types  like Daf, Dayereh, Tombak, Djembe, Darbuka


Goat and Calf skin with exotic skin texture for any goblet und frame drum

Exotic Gaot Skin for any Drum - Goblet and Frame Drums - Gaot Skin for Sale

Persian Tombak Skin for Sale - (Goblet Drum Skin for sale) - Iranian Tombak Skin for Sale
Tombak Skin for Sale 20"  (diameter 50 cm)

Persian Tonbak Skin for Sale
Santoori Drums offers Goat, Camel & Calf skin for sale
Our price:   25 € (meets $35)
Quality:       Reference Class


Frame Drum  Skin for Sale - Skin for Kurdish Daf & any Large Frame Drums

Kurdish Daf Skin for Sale - (Frame Drum Skin for sale) 
Frame Drum Skin for Sale 28"  (diameter 72 cm)

Goat Skin for any Frame Drums - smaller skins can be offered too

Our price:  
35 € (meets $45)
Quality:       Reference Class


Santoori's Customer feedback about Drum Skin - Drum Head's Customer feedback about Kurdish Daf no.1s
Benjamin - USA

Salaam Pooyan,

I write this short note to let you know I’ve just received the skins. They are very cleanly and evenly prepared, and they arrived in good condition. ... read more


Kurdish Daf Accessories for Sale: provides all your needed accessories for Kurdish Daf such as Daf skin, Daf rings, etc. ... 
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