plain synthetic Daf for sale

Persian plain Daf for sale
Kurdish plain Daf for sale

Iranian plain synthetic Daf for sale

Instrument: Iranian, Kurdish, Persian frame drum
Daf, Daff, Deff, Duff
52 cm (21 inch)
0.8 kg (0.78 ~ 0.82 kg)
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Available since:
September 2008
All Dafs incl. a Habibi cover
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Persian plain synthetic Daf for sale

Iranian Habibi synthetic Daf for sale

Persian Habibi synthetic Daf for sale

Solo Performance & Sound Introduction on Synthetic Head Habibi daf

Our price German Stock: 65 €

Our price Iranian Stock:  $55

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Since 2011 Santoori offers only picked up Daf drums, which have been twice surveyed by Mohammad Jaberi



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Sandra - Australia

Dear Pooyan,

Yesterday my lovely drum arrived in my home. I am absolutely rapt with it and love it very much. Thank you soooooooooooo much for all your help and attention to detail. My drum arrived in perfect condition and I can't wait to learn to play it.
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Iranian plain synthetic Daf for sale


Online Lessons on Iranian Daf

Peyman Nasehpour, Iranian Tombak, Dayere & Daf player

Daf with its different transcription and transliteration forms like Daff, dap, def, deff, defi, diaff, duff, refers to round single-headed frame drum connected with oriental cultures.

The drum had been widely used in Folk and entertainment music. In Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran and elsewhere it has historical and contemporary associations with Sufi rituals. In varying forms it is found in West Asia, the Caucasus, the Iranian plateau, Central Asia and south-eastern Europe. The drum is used in a wide variety of settings: folk music, art music, entertainment and dance music and Sufi religious rituals.

Kurdish type of frame drum is historically related to the pre-Islamic Iranian dap. Variant examples appear in Armenia and among the Uighurs of Central Asia (dap); in Azerbaijan (ghaval, gaval); in Turkey, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia (def); in Greece, particularly the north (defi).


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Peyman Nassehpoor

Daff (Daf) & Dayereh

plain synthetic Daf for sale

Persian Daf for sale
Kurdish Daf for sale