Feedback about Online Santoor Lessons by Pooyan's students


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The intention of this feedback page is to express how an online Santoor course/lesson can be beneficial to people who are interested in learning the Santoor but do not have the opportunity to attend or find a course in a certain institute.

First of all, if you would like to seriously learn the Santoor you do not need to spend your time and money traveling between different cities to meet your target. The World Wide Web (internet) can take you directly to your object... a professional teacher. A friend of mine suggested to me to do this online Santoor course, but to be honest, I was quite unsure. I wondered how such a course could be beneficial to me. However, because I already knew Pooyan Nassehpoor was a professional Santoor player, I decided to do the course.

At first, it was difficult for me to establish a satisfactory relationship with both my teacher and the musical instrument. Above all this was due principally to the fact that it was via the internet. On the other hand, after only one month, I discovered the learning system of the lessons to be efficient and versatile; therefore, I did not give up and I continued. So far, I have been taking advantage of the online Santoor class with Pooyan for almost one year. During this time I have achieved rapid and significant progress playing the Santoor. I have to say, that as a beginner this achievement is quite impressive for me.

Apart from being a professional Santoor player, Pooyan is a really patient and skilled teacher who knows how to manage his online class so that the student can get all the points during a session. In addition, he has good technical and theoretical knowledge about the Santoor as well as different aspects of the science of music. According to Pooyan’s learning system you can take advantage from one session for much longer compared to other music courses/lessons. Finally, the atmosphere of the class is so warm and friendly...and apart from learning to play your favourite musical instrument you also enjoy your time during the class too.

S. Safaiyan, Göttingen Germany