Persian Santoor for sale
Persian Santour for sale
Persian Santur for sale

Please read the page Terms and Conditions before any purchase offers the most relevant 9 Kharak standard Iranian santoor and in addition 10 Kharak santoor for sale. Buy 11 and 12 Kharak santoors in advance.




  Santoori tells about Persian Santoor



Persian santoor with different transcription forms like santour or santur is the hammered dulcimer of Iran (Persia).

The archetype of the instrument may be seen in a harp, carried horizontally and struck with two sticks, found in iconographical documents of the ancient Babylonian (1600-911 BCE) and neo-Assyrian (911-612 BCE) eras.

Persian santoor consists of a trapeziform case made of walnut wood, approximately 90 cm wide at the broad end, 36 cm wide at the narrow end and 6 cm deep. The strings are fixed to hitch-pins along the left-hand side and wound round metal wrest-pins on the right by means of which they are tuned with a tuning-key (Tuning Wrench). Each quadruple set of strings rests on a movable bridge of hardwood (kharak).  The bridges are placed so that the strings are divided into three sections, giving the fundamental note and two higher octaves.

There are nine (or sometimes 10, 11 and 12) quadruple strings an either side so that, with 18 groups of strings, 27 different notes can be played. The bass strings are of brass or copper and the trebles of steel.

Persian santoor is played by striking the strings with two light hammers (mezrab) held in three fingers of each hand. The ends of the sticks are usually covered with cloth to soften their impact on the strings.




Iranian Santoor for sale
Iranian Santour for sale
Iranian Santur for sale