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Persian Setar for Sale - myde of walnut and maple wood

Persian professional Setar for sale

Iranian professional Setar for sale
Persian Setar Online Lessons

Persian Setar examined by Santoori.com
Quality Classification: Professional Class


  Instrument Persian (Iranian) long necked lute Setar
  Name Santoori professional Class Setar no. 4
  Weight 0.355 kg
  Tonewood maple and walnut wood
  Available since November 2011
  Warranty incl. 14-day money-back guarantee*
  Payment PayPal, Western Union & Wire Transfer
    ONLY for PURCHASES from German Stock
    Scope of Delivery included in the price

hard case, a set of strings and frets


2 years customer service and repair consultation for free

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Our price German Stock: 440

Our price Iranian Stock:  $440

Buy this Professional Persian Setar
Buy this Persian setar
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Santoori's Customer Feedback about Setar no. 4


Santoori's note about Persian Setar no. 3
Franz - Austria



Ja, habe es vor zwei Stunden ausgepackt und bin begeistert!  Sehr schönes Instrument, super verpackt und so, wie ich es wollte.  Danke für die Beratung und das Service via Paypal - das hat geklappt ;-) read more





Persian Setar and Tar Online Lessons by Parham Nassehpoor

Persian Setar Online Lessons by Parham Nassehpoor

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Parham Nassehpoor offers based on video conferencing online lessons for Persian Tar, Setar and Kamanche.

Amazing video conferencing via Skype or oovoo messengers will save your money and time to attend your Music Lessons when you don't have any teacher in your area and will need to drive to another city very far from your place.

What you need is only to install one of the following messengers and contact Parham Nassehpoor for the online lesson details.

Please simply click on the picture above or the following messenger logos to get more information

Parham Nassehpoor Online Tar, Setar & Kamancheh Lessons




   Santoori's note about Persian (Iranian) Setar no. 3


Santoori's note about Persian Setar no. 3

In November 2011 Santoori has surveyed and picked up this product to present a new sound character. Normally the strips of Setar's bowl are from mulberry. But walnut wood has his own character. Santoori explored many well sounding Setars made of walnut wood. This product combines the color contrast of walnut and maple wood.

After the purchase process all these instruments have been adjusted on frets, bridge and strings for the best performance. These Setar instruments are like any instrument from our store are in "Ready to Play" condition. Please hear to the audio sample of this product for a better decision by your purchase. 

Most explicitly says Santoori his thanks to the affectionate cooperation of Parham Nassehpoor for the adjustment.


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Iranian or Persian Setar is one of the most popular instruments of Persian classical music. Therefore there is a wide range in prices offered by different makers.

Fair price for an instrument of concert class, which offers beautiful looking, warm and smooth sounding with just the right amount of clarity.

Santoori.com is anxious to present fair prices for the quality instruments of each price class. Please provide us a feedback so that we can continuously better our service.

Persian professional Setar for sale
Iranian professional Setar for sale